Best Post Hot Yoga Snacks

Refueling after any sort of workout is incredibly important. Often I think people get so wrapped up in trying to lose weight or in looking at food as the enemy, that they forget that the whole purpose of food is to fuel our bodies. It’s not so much the quantity you’re eating as opposed to WHAT you’re putting into your body. Yes the key to losing weight is exerting more than you take in, but your body still needs ample calories to recuperate. I definitely need help in this area as it’s way easier to munch on a bag of chips than try to make something after a tough workout.

Hot Yoga gets me every time because I’m usually so exhausted by the end that I really don’t feel like doing anything! Here are some easy snacks to have on hand to refuel your body after a tough work out like Hot Yoga.

Peanut butter and whole wheat toast

This can be adapted to fit your dietary restrictions and taste preferences. Any sort of nut butter with a healthy carb is a great refueling snack because the whole grain bread will fill you up with fiber along with the protein from the peanut butter. It’s even believed that this combination is healthier than eating cereal, for example. Take a look at this video for more info.

Greek yogurt and granola

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein which will help you to rebuild muscle and fill you back, plus, the granola will add fiber to help you with digestion.  Personally I like to add a little honey to this snack to add some extra sweetness.

Hummus with veggies and grain crackers

Hummus is made with simple ingredients that pack a lot of protein.  It is fairly high in fat, but they are the healthier unsaturated fats. Veggies are always a good snack idea because of their nutritional value, and a cracker like a nut thin or other grain cracker will help to fill you up with fiber which will also help with digestion. Check out this list to find out about other high-protein foods!

A green smoothie

A green smoothie is a great way to refuel after practice. I like to make mine with frozen tropical fruit, spinach, and a couple of bananas. The bananas especially will help you replace electrolytes in your body after a tough hot yoga session! If you add a little Greek yogurt to your smoothie this will also provide protein to help you refuel.


Water is so important after a hot yoga workout.  Your body sweats out so much you’ll want to make sure to keep hydrated both during and after class!

Hot Yoga is a fun way to get your body moving and sweating, and a great way to lose weight or stay in shape.  However, the purpose is still to connect to your inner self and accept yourself for who you are and where you’re at in your practice on that day.  Show your body some love by re-fueling it with something healthy so it can get stronger!  Try to focus more on what you’re putting in your body rather than how much! I hope this post helps spark some ideas for you and encourages you on your health journey!

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