Creative Journaling Ideas to Feel More Uplifted

I might be an extreme morning person because I like to wake up even before the sun and take the day in. But I’m well aware that not many people are like me. Maybe only the ones who are already retired. No offense to anyone. The fast-paced society makes us work long hours and those hours shift our nightly routines to later times. In consequence, that means we wake up later, too.

I might not take long hours in the morning to prepare myself for the day, but one routine that I stick to is journaling. Writing things down the pen to paper (yes, the old-fashioned pen to paper rather than on the computer screen) takes the pressure off them while they are happening throughout the day. You can jot down all the emotions and forget about them until you’re back in the heat of things.

Mornings are where life’s at. If you start the day in the right easy fashion, by slowly conquering one task after the other, then you’re in for success.

You might have done the research, read all the books about it, listened to it, practiced it at training, and all that jazz. Your morning routines don’t have to be elaborate, but they sure need to be efficient.

Make them something that you enjoy. I like a short stretch before I get out of bed, one on the mat once I do get out of bed, and a huge cup of chicory coffee with a spoonful of coconut sugar and a generous splash of non-dairy milk. Then, things start rolling for me.

Whether it is writing, preparing for various classes, responding to emails, or plotting the next venture in my freelancer’s world, tackling one by one, get things done as opposed to having them all on my mind at once.

So, my tip to you in doing all those things is to organize them in bunches. Because who has it all together? I sure don’t. Staying sane through all of it does not come by itself.

However, small changes add up quickly and positive habits don’t need to take more than a couple of minutes of your time. For example, starting your day by being grateful doesn’t take long. You can even make it with your eyes closed. Maybe the concept of being grateful lost its spark for you because it’s being so overused. Make it work for you, write down the things you are excited about today, and keep it simple.

Next, think of your priorities. Write them down and make them sacred. Those are things that need to be accomplished with no excuses.

Think of your long-term goals. Be proud of yourself for going after them. You are amazing for just being.

Do you have trouble getting things done in the appointed time? Take a piece of paper, fold it into three parts and use one part for morning tasks, the middle one for the afternoon, and the bottom for the evening. Writing things down will clear them from your mind. Never overthink things.

Be creative wherever the spark comes to you. I carry my booklet around everywhere I go. It has a special pocket for pens. But even if you don’t have a booklet, you most probably have your phone on you at all times and it helps you save your creative ideas for when you have all the means to develop them fully.

Creative ideas usually come to me in the shower. There is a simple explanation for it. You relax to the point where everything seems easy.

At the end of the day, go to bed happy. You’ve made and most probably accomplished good things today. Manifest the law of attraction. Visualize your perfect day. Why can’t you have it right now?

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