Monkey Pose

The monkey pose, also popularly known as Hanumanasana, is a yoga posture of intermediate-level yogis. It derived its name from the huge leap performed by Lord Hanuman to Sri Lanka from the southernmost tip of India. This yogic posture successfully opens up the hips and gradually stretches the muscles of the groin as well as the hamstring portion. This posture is recommended to be practiced after performing some warm-up exercises such that the asana can be performed with ease.

How To Perform The Pose

The monkey pose or Hanumanasan is an intermediate yoga pose that can be performed by following a few simple steps. The step-by-step guide to follow to perform this pose is as follows:

  • Start by kneeling on the floor. Step forward with your right foot for around a foot straight in front of the left knee. Now, outwardly rotate the right thigh. It must be done by slightly lifting the sole from the ground and further rest the foot on the heel outside.
  • Exhale and lean forward your torso by gently pressing the fingertips on to the floor. Gently slide the left knee to the back. At the same time, straighten your knee as well as descend your right thigh close to the ground. As soon as you reach your ultimate stretching limit, stop stretching your back knee. 
  • Next, push your right heel far away from the torso. As we had started with a firm external rotation of the leg present in the front, gradually turn the inward leg towards the inside. It will straighten up and get the kneecap close to the ceiling. The front leg will straighten, and you can resume working on the left knee by pressing it. Again, start pressing the left-leg knee to the back and cautiously descend the left-thigh front as well as the right-leg back towards the ground. Be sure that the right-leg knee center points to the room ceiling straightaway.
  • To see if you are on the right track, check that the back leg pulls out straight and does not make any other angles to the sides. Also, check that the back of the knee is directly pressing on to the floor. 
  • Keep the posture intact for around a minute. To release the posture, take your palms to press the floor and pull back the leg extended in the front. Gradually return the back knee as well as the front heel to their respective beginning position. Finally, change the legs and repeat the process for the same duration.


  • It helps to stretch and strengthen the hamstring, the groin as well as the thigh muscles.
  • It stimulates as well as improves the functioning of the abdominal organs.
  • Regularly practicing this pose will result in a more flexible hip.

Mistakes And Contradictions

You must restrict practicing this pose if your groin or hamstring area is injured. You must not push yourself to split as you might end up harming your body completely. Gradually increase the limit as you get comfortable with time.

How To Perform It Perfectly

The posture can be a little difficult to perform for beginners, but with practice, it can be mastered. You might not be able to achieve a full-split posture initially. A pair of flexible yoga pants is necessary to perform a complete split. You can spread a soft blanket below such that none of your body parts are harmed.

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